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chimney pioneer - our story

We are a small family owned business that began our “Pioneer Trail” to the Pacific Northwest 5 years ago. My wife and I are both volunteers in our community. We have lived abroad in some exotic places like Culebra, Vieques, Puerto Rico and Anguilla. Also, we love to travel and have found it a delight to meet up with ones from various cultures and backgrounds.

Our professional background deals with all types of cleaning. We have a very trustworthy record of being allowed admittance to several secured jobs in banks and highly sensitive governmental buildings. While showing respect for the old technique, we always look for ways to improve our skills with any new innovative equipment.

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a Simple Do & Don’t

1) Don’t - Wait To Get Your Chimney Cleaned

Do - Schedule A Yearly Chimney Cleaning


Did you know that the word pioneer originates with the Middle French pionnier (originally, a foot soldier, or soldier involved in digging trenches), from the same root as peon or pawn. In the English language, the term independently evolved a sense of being an innovator or trailblazer.

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