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professional service

Safe & Clean


How do I know that a mess will not be made in my home:

Our company guarantees that we will take every precaution to insure the safety and cleanliness of your home from the time we enter until the time we leave. Tarps are utilized to the fullest. Our vacuums are also well maintained so filters are never clogged to prevent clean air flow into ones home.


We have the following

  • Canvas Covers

  • Quiet Vacuums

  • Rods with specialized camera

  • Variety of rods and brushes


creosote Build Up Equals

Fire Hazard


How often should I have my chimney Cleaned?

If used regularly it’s good to have the chimney cleaned at least every 6-12 months (more often if one has used green wood).


Cleaning helps to Avoid Dangers

  • Creosote buildup

  • improper airflow


Prepare in advance



is there anything I need to do to prepare to have my chimney cleaned?:

We do ask that someone is home to welcome the chimney cleaner. Please do not light your wood stove, fireplace, pellet stove or coal stove 24 hours prior to arrival.



  • First late cancellation: courtesy reschedule

  • Second late cancellation: $60 fee will be billed to your account.

  • Third missed appointment: $60 fee will be billed to your account and you may be discharged from our services.

  • Please call if you cannot make your appointment.